You Can’t Spell Twenty Twelve Without “We”

It’s a fact of life that when people help each other out, positive things grow and help build a larger community. I continue to be amazed by photo industry folks that are just so… darn helpful. Twenty twelve feels like a culmination of warm fuzzies. It’s as if tough times cause us to be more cooperative, banding together around the fire to share our food, our stories and keep out the cold wind from chilling our bones.

Last year was fast, furious and exciting; Heli shoots in the Rockies (“Pilot? This is Luke, my door just flew open. What now?”), road trips, impromptu interviews, impromptu dance parties, pyrotechnics, new lighting approaches, old lighting retracing, racing in cars, racing in speedboats and reuniting to laugh about it with some good, good people. I may find the time to catch folks up a bit, but I’ll wager that full steam ahead is the order of the year. A stale 2011 haiku may be all the kitchen can muster from that menu, but hang on just the same for a ride that this economic guru predicts to be anything but boring.